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Mike S.

Since 2010

Salisbury, MD USA / @themikesynowiec

My first Fuji was…

Black and red Fuji D6. This bike is so sleek and at every triathlon when racking my bike, fellow competitors would give me compliments on it. Just so aero!

What kind of impact did cycling have on your life?

My first (and only for me) Fuji D6 was purchased in 2010. I fell in love with the bike and have been riding it at a high level ever since, including the 2017 Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Chattanooga, TN and the 2019 Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Nice, France. Both of these races stood out to me because of their demanding bike courses. The Fuji D6 handled both courses extremely well and did not disappoint.

Today, both my kids have begun to train with me which makes it so much more special. My daughter will race triathlon as a freshman this coming year at Queen’s University in Charlotte, NC (5-time National Champions) and will be on her Fuji bike! I am looking forward to seeing both her and my son compete at a high level as well.

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