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Kamal G.

Since 2014

Delhi, Dehli, India

My first Fuji was…

an Altamira, carbon, ultegra in red and black purchased in 2014 in Atlanta. It was an upgrade from aluminium with 105. The mountains of North Georgia started to fascinate me, the 6 Gaps Race in particular, and a lightweight, affordable carbo n steed with endurance geometry and Shimano Ultegra was the best choice.

What kind of impact did cycling have on your life?

While I used to hike in the North Georgia mountains, I used to notice cyclists huffing and puffing on the climbs and flying downhill. Those memories stayed with me. I wanted to experiencethe same and test my stamina too. The mountains were a one-hour drive, and practicing for the 6 Gaps Century with 11,000 feet elevation required full days practice. Only after practicing a lot, did I realize how helpful this lightweight with upgraded components was.

In turn, this helped me to eat healthy, sleep on time, track stats and the benefits that the greenery and purest air was having on my health was amazing. I made various new friends.

I was so impressed with Fuji's quality and riding experience that my first MTB was a Fuji Tahoe too in 2015 which introduced another level of heavenly MTB state parks in the USA.

I returned to my native country, India, in 2017 and among the few things I brought back including my Fuji bikes, that's how much I loved them and was determined to continue my passion in India. I did a month-long expedition in the Himalayas on Fuji Tahoe in February of this year.

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