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Erik K.

Since 1987

Sheridan, Wyoming USA / @eriksuzykulvinskas

My first Fuji was…

a blue and silver Fuji America. I was in high school and it was time to find a new physical outlet as I had burned out on competitive baseball. Our next-door neighbor found a bike in the Arizona desert and brought it over to me. It was in rough shape but I tore it down and fixed it up. I got spare parts from the bike shop asked them a million questions about bike maintenance and started riding with a local group.

What kind of impact did cycling have on your life?

The sense of exploration on my Fuji was huge! I had never ridden 20 miles in one ride before, but now I was doing 30 and 40-mile rides. I was fascinated by how this bike gave me a sense of freedom.

I fixed up this bike myself. It had my blood, sweat, and tears built into it and it was mine.  I've always had a spot for Fuji bikes and I currently own a Fuji Cross 1.1, Fuji Bighorn and an SL road bike.  My SL road bike just replaced my Fuji Roubaix that I had 15,000 miles on it before my frame broke. Fuji, of course, replaced my frame with a Carbon SL which was quite an upgrade from my Aluminum Roubaix.

I think I'll always have Fuji bikes in my stable because they are well built, last forever, and are a part of my bicycling DNA.

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