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Daniel L

Since 2018

United States

My first Fuji was…

a black 1984 Fuji Allegro.

What kind of impact did cycling have on your life?

When I first set eyes on my sparkling black Fuji Allegro, it was far from sparkling or black. It was rusty and chipped, caked in dirty old grease, and shod with dry rotted skinwalls. But I knew in my heart of hearts that it was a diamond in the rough.

I handed two twenties over to the old man who posted it online and took the neglected steel steed home. Over the ensuing winter months, I buffed and polished, wrenched, and repaired. I replaced worn-out components with period correct parts and mounted a new set of matching black fenders and a classic leather touring saddle.

We've been on multiple day-long touring excursions together. From the rugged New Hampshire coast-line, down old converted rail-trails deep into the interior of the Granite State, this faithful ride has carried me on adventure after adventure. Each journey has enriched my life, forming me into a more healthy and complete person.

Nearly as old as me and almost as good looking, my Fuji Allegro has become evermore the diamond in the rough I found in an old woodshed.

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