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Angie S.

Since 1985

O Fallon, Missouri, USA / @angiesmithhair

My first Fuji was…

Still have it! Blue Fuji Allegra II, it was brand new and beautiful with more speeds than everyone else's bikes.

What kind of impact did cycling have on your life?

Well, I'm no cyclist and haven't been taught basic maintenance for bikes besides filling up tires. I pick up riding around the block when I get the urge to start exercising but I used to ride my Fuji ALL the time as a kid. As an adult, it's still my favorite. I've tried replacing it but nothing else feels as good. My Fuji needs brakes, tires, and who knows what else after all this time and the couple of repair shops I called weren't familiar with Fuji so I didn't take it in. It's still in disrepair but I'll ride it around the block anyway!

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