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Ryann C.

Since 2020

Washington, DC, USA / @Girlryann

My first Fuji was…

My first Fuji is a white transverse! It stood out because it was my first “real bike”. I was able to test ride it at a bike shop, and then I knew it was the one for me!

What kind of impact did cycling have on your life?

I was 9 and 13 when I had two altering life surgeries involving a rare disorder called Coxa Vara, which is a deformity of the hipI had hip surgery twice and got my epiphyseal plate (growth plate) removed, I’m sure you can imagine how that was for a active young girl. I grew up riding my bike with my father in rock creek park in DC over The Weekends and all of it had to come to a sudden halt once I had my surgeries. I am blessed to be able to be back on a bike, riding safely. Taking some of the active traditions I had as a kid. All the doctor visits, spending hours at children’s hospital, all the physical therapy, having a wheelchair, a walker, and a set of crutches. A summer not being able to walk. Being active is not something I take for granted. I can remember wearing shoes with extra height. That is why I chose a path in healthcare and now I am deemed an essential worker in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Living in Washington DC, and car-less. I decided to purchase a Fuji Bike to take me to the hospital for my night shifts, instead of taking public transportation or Uber. I like to consider my Fuji Bike as my essential worker, taking me on a 30-45 minute smooth ride to the hospital during the pandemic. My Fuji bike has brought me peace during a very tough time.

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