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Thelma J.

Since 2015

Chicago, Illinois, USA

My first Fuji was…

I knew nothing about Fuji until I bought one it was a road bike blue and white I think it was 2.0, but it was the greatest purchase I made. It was light weight and a great ride and I stood out on any bike path. I received so many compliments on my bike it was tailored to me no doubt it was also well put together. I had three accidents and I was a little scared but my durable Fuji was still intact, just my handle bars twisted, but I was able to straighten them back. The sad part about it is after 5 yrs my bike was stolen cause the garage door was left opened.

What kind of impact did cycling have on your life?

It was blue and white tailored to my needs after 5yrs it was stolen and now I'm on the hunt to get another bike but nothing will replace my Fuji. I see lots of bikes but its rare I would see a Fuji, I put many miles on my bike and enjoyed every bit of riding my Fuji.

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