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Joao G.

Since 2010

Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo, Brasil / @joaogambini

My first Fuji was…

Silver Tahoe Comp bought in 2010.

What kind of impact did cycling have on your life?

I bought my Fuji bike in 2010. It was my first day of vacation that year and a friend who had visited a store in my city in Brazil, São José dos Campos - SP, sent me a message saying that my bike was there and that I would fall in love with her - that she was my number. I was going to my parents' house in São Paulo and stopped by the store - there was no other - I bought it. And that bike was the way I wanted it; a Fuji Tahoe Comp 2009 (I guess the year because I bought it in January) size 19, wheels 26 ”. To spice it up I installed a Shimano XTR 970M group that I had purchased in South Korea in 2008. It was just incredible. Since then, it has been more than 15 thousand kilometers visiting many cities and making friends and enjoying trails, bike paths, rain, mud, rocks and many other adventures. A partnership recently won by a crack in the frame, just above the welding point of the "set tube" with the "top tube". I soldered and left it in order to pedal. After that and added to his well-kept 10 years, it was almost another thousand kilometers until a crack opened in the same place. The solution would be to change the frame, but this one doesn't exist here anymore, Fuji Bikes left Brazil a few years ago, much less for the size of wheels and as they say here, the time has come for this frame. But the memories and images of this light, beautiful and very agile bike will remain in my history and memories.

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