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Naveen C.

Since 2020

Mumbai, India / @NaveenChandra18

My first Fuji was…

I rode a friends Fuji cycle for the first time this year. He had brought it from Dubai and it was a very light gearless beauty. Magenta in color with green brake wires, and a white rim on its tires, it was a pleasure to look at.

What kind of impact did cycling have on your life?

I discovered cycling during the pandemic and have finished 1500 kilometers on Mumbai roads. It started off on a whim when my friend who distributes Fuji cycles in India gave us a few bikes to get started. It was meant to be an immunity building exercise to fight the virus, but it transformed into an excuse to meet new people and make new friends and finally now it’s more of a daily adventure! We plan new routes, we have ridden in areas we hadn’t visited earlier, circled new lakes, driven on flyovers, and seen Mumbai’s architectural wonders from up close, most of which was impossible to do in the hustle and bustle of this maximum city. We have done 50 km rides in a day, but are now planning to do a 100km ride soon. Our speed has increased from 10km an hour to over 22-24km an hour now.

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