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Susan L.

Since 1985

Mesa, Arizona, USA

My first Fuji was…

My first road bike was a Fuji Berkeley, it was blue and gold and fit me perfectly. I test road bikes for weeks but nothing fit like the Fuji Berkeley. It was made for me! I lived in Colorado Springs at the time and I learned to love biking, climbing hills and soaring down them.

What kind of impact did cycling have on your life?

Riding that first Fuji gave me confidence as a pudgy little girl, and fed a passion and joy for biking. My bicycle became my happy place and with each new first whether it was getting to the top of a big hill or biking a new distance, it gave me joy and peace. I biked through college but then life came between me and cycling for a while but I found myself in 2003 with 2 young children, a desire to bike and no bike to ride. We were living in rural MA and my husband told me to go buy the bike I wanted. I intended to look around but my first stop brought me nose to rim with my Fuji Sunfire. Together we adventured the rail beds and dirt roads near my home. I learned how to navigate the sand, gravel and erosion of these trails. I found my passion and happy place again on my bicycle which helped me be a better mom. I still ride my Sunfire, and she looks as good as ever. Life does occasionally get in the way but it also has a way of bringing me back. My son totaled my car in the spring of 2019 and I used the insurance money to fix up my bike and build a bike port, we now live in Phoenix and keeping the bike shaded and off the concrete is important. I was commuting to work before the pandemic, something I always wanted to do, and now that I am working from home I get up at 4:30 am every day to bike before a long day of sitting at my desk. That morning bike ride wakes me up and fills me with happiness. My bike is still my favorite place, and when I get around to buying my next bike it will be a Fuji.

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