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Michael H.

Since 2005

New York City, New York, USA / @msh3

My first Fuji was…

2005 Fuji League. Black and silver. I got it for a daily ride, and it’s still my daily ride. Fifteen years and about 50,000 miles later, I ride it year round and love it more every day.

What kind of impact did cycling have on your life?

My Fuji has changed my life and then some. Because of this bike, I’ve gotten back into road cycling, which I loved as a kid. I’ve stayed fit. I’ve done a small part for the planet. I’ve joined bike protests. I’ve found my community. Most importantly, it’s helped shape my attitude toward life. It’s an inexpensive, solid workhorse that’s helped me become a workhorse myself. It’s gotten me here. And I can’t wait to see where it takes me down the road.

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