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Christopher G.

Since 2018

North Ridgeville, Ohio, USA / @cag.2.2

My first Fuji was…

2017 Fuji Transonic 2.5. If you've seen it there is no words to describe how it looks. It has an aggressive, fast look. Black with touches of neon green and frame shape were the first things I noticed. Picking it up was shocking how light it was, it is almost a shame to double its weight with two full water bottles!

What kind of impact did cycling have on your life?

This bike got me into road cycling, before this I had a basic fitness bike that was not cutting it, I wanted to be able to go longer and faster. Since getting in the saddle it has felt perfect and I could not imagine a better fit for me. This bike was my first metric century and my first century ride. I have rode close to 5,000 miles on it and are looking forward to my next 5,000. I have been able to become more fit, explore the North East Ohio area in a different fashion, meet new people on the road and have many hours of thinking about what really matters in my life.

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