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Mateen R.

Since 2016

Los Angeles, California, USA / @Teen503

My first Fuji was…

My Fuji that I ride now is a dark gray color striped with red. This bike stood out to me because my support system got together and bought this bike for me. It was my first ever road bike and it felt even better that people that I loved came together and got me a bike

What kind of impact did cycling have on your life?

Finding cycling, I have gotten my safety space. I found a space where I can be me and feel comfortable. People have came together to support me through this sport. It has been a beautiful experience. I’ve also got a chance to be competitive on the bike. Being competitive is almost a way that I can express and challenge myself. Growing up in Portland, I didn’t see much people who looked like me. As a result of that, I never thought that I could be successful as a pro cyclist or even as a person. This was very detrimental to my dreams. I’ve had moments where it’s crushed me. Not many people understood me because what I had to deal with in my life was unheard of to them. Coming to Los Angeles where it’s already so diverse and a system where you could meet a Justin or Cory Williams who went through exactly what you are going through. They can give you that guidance and inspiration. What my dream is is to be one of those role models and inspire others to step up too. So that any growing kid can look up and think their dreams are possible.

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