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John B.

Since 2016

Orlando, Florida, USA

My first Fuji was…

Fuji Nevada 1.9 MTB. Because it had the closest thing to traditional geometry where I could still sit on "top" of the bike and a frame that still looked sharp and contemporary-- I just couldn't get into the newer geometry concept then.

What kind of impact did cycling have on your life?

Lifetime memories with my son I thought I'd never have the way I had with my father. I purchased my bike in June 2016. As a lifetime athlete—swimmer-runner turned triathlete, firefighter, and over 10 years in performance physiology where I still dabble—at a certain point with a new family I just couldn’t get enough time away to train. Add recurring injuries, and I needed an alternative way to keep working hard right from the doorstep instead of taking time to go someplace. (Learning the vocab “exercise” instead of “train.”) After tons of trying to search for a $250 bike and realizing that doesn’t exist anymore, in June 2016 I bought a Nevada 1.9 with some discounts at Performance Bicycle (RIP). And after a strong but basic make-shift “cross country” hard riding start to stay athletic, this bike has taken an absolute Goliath beating WAY out of its scope, especially the last 2 years thanks to my son, and it has survived the entire thing. August of 2019 our biking lives exploded. Since then, this Nevada 1.9 has been put to the test. My boy (now 14) is LOVING bike life, and it’s been an awesome way to explore together.

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