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Douglas P.

Since 2019

San Marcos, California, USA / @CYCLESPINGUY

My first Fuji was…

2019 Fuji Roubaix

What kind of impact did cycling have on your life?

In 2019, I was riding 26 miles one way on an old 1987 giant neutra. I wanted a new bike and I had my eye on a Fuji, but it was too expensive. So I spent the whole summer and the winter building bikes on my lunch time to build up some store credit. I built about 400 bikes. Finally earned enough money, with a little help from my mom, and got my Fuji. It did not take me long to put 1000 miles on it. But then 2020 hit. In January one of my dogs died of cancer, in March I lost my job, in June I got diagnosed with COVID-19, and in July my wife got diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymph Phoma cancer, she had to do six months of chemo. To top it all off in December my second dog passed away. My Fuji was the only thing that didn’t break in 2020. I was able to ride it. I rode it whenever I could. It helped me clear my mind so that I can continue taking care of my life. Fuji is the reason I am still alive. Fuji is the reason I made it through 2020.

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