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Craig H.

Since 2016

Nashville, TN

My first Fuji was…

Roubaix RC -black, silver and red. At the time, I was told it was a mid-level bike. I cranked out the miles on that baby for 9+ years, determined to ride faster than guys with super expensive bikes to prove the strength in my legs. That bike took me everywhere and was my version of toughness -people saw me take my bike out in extreme temperatures and they knew not to mess with me.

What kind of impact did cycling have on your life?

My Fuji Bike allowed me to go places that most people couldn't. When I was in college in Boston, few friends owned cars, so no one really knew what the suburbs, parks, and lakes were like surrounding the city. I got to find incredible views of Boston from miles away, open-water swim a few kilometers on a sunny Saturday, and visit friends at neighboring colleges. I always have been a person who pursued friendships relentlessly, and my bike allowed me to see people I otherwise would not have been able to see.

My bike also introduced me to the world of triathlon, which has been the greatest love of mine for over a decade. Nothing makes me happier than time trialing on my own and having to suffer over hill after hill. Every time I'm in a car with someone and I see a long stretch of road or a long climb, I blurt out, "I'd love to climbthat right now. I wish I had my bike on me. I want to explore where that road goes and see how those neighborhoods connect."

Far too often, I would be at work zoning out when I would look at my coworker and say, "I need to go suffer for 2 hours before Ican work again." I'd ride my bike hard, come back to the office laser focused and stay late to make up for time. I am the most productive and focused after my rides.My bike has afforded me the ability to experience so much more of the world than anyone can when they're limited to the size/hassles of a car or limited to the slowness of being on foot. It's not just seeing the world. It's feeling it all around you...headphone free.

Also, people now occasionally comment on my calves. Thanks bike!

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