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Kamal K.

Since 2015

Bangalore, India / @kamalkanth_ramadoss

My first Fuji was…

A white beauty Fuji sportif 2.3 with gifted red tires and red handlebar tape. Once I started competitive racing I bought Fuji transonic 2.7 Caja Rural Team Edition.

What kind of impact did cycling have on your life?

When my son was born, I travelled all the way from Bangalore to Kumbakonam (my hometown) and cut through a distance of over 400kms with "Fuji" to meet the new love of my life. I am so attached to my bike that I chose to name my newly born son “Fuji” despite people and family not happily agreeing to a name not being Indian. I hope he develops the same passion for "Fuji" that I have, and I can’t wait for the day when I will handover "Fuji" to him to explore himself and his passion, just as I did

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