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Tim F.

Since 1977

Vienna, VA, USA / @frickertim

My first Fuji was…

a 25-inch 1977 S-10S in black. The first year for a 12-speed drivetrain on that model, and a bunch of other upgrades from previous years. The gloss black finish with chrome "socks" was sharp, and all the alloy components were a big step up from my Raleigh Record.

I sold the S-10S back in 1980 to a good friend, as I was seduced by a fancier bike. In 2011, my friend pulled up outside my shop with it on his car, and asked if I wanted it back, as he hadn't ridden it in years. It was pretty crusty from neglect, but I cleaned it up and converted it into a nice "city" style bike. Fell in love with it all over again. Great bike, and glad to have it back.

What kind of impact did cycling have on your life?

That S-10S was the first bike I ever bought with my own money, and it was the bike that I first started riding longer distances. It also took me further into doing bike repair and service, a lifetime joy and ultimately my second career in my 40s. It really made me appreciate a truly GOOD bicycle and how much better it was to ride than an entry level one.

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